Medical Grade Skin Care in Kansas City

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Medical grade skin care at The Real Spa


  • Your master aestheticians or nurse injectors can help determine what is best for your skin and guide you in a regimen if needed!
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  • Medical-grade skin care products represent the best kind of skin care treatments to fix these issues.
  • They have been specially formulated to treat the root of the problem without a need to “appear” effective.
  • Medical-grade products can be more effective and safer than consumer-grade products.
  • Medical-grade products produce better results while avoiding many of the potential undesirable complications that result with consumer-grade products. This can leave skin looking clearer, smoother and more attractive
  • Effective Results
  • Over-the-counter skin care products are limited in the ingredients that they can use.
  • Over-the-counter skin care must make use of abrasive ingredients designed to make the active ingredients more effective. This can lead to irritated pores, unwanted redness, scarring and other undesirable complications.
  • Medical-grade products skip these problems because they are formulated to treat a specific skin-related condition.
  • They provide results that work at a medical level rather than trying to appear effective by using ingredients like denatured alcohol and abrasives.
  • Medical-grade products are designed to treat specific skin conditions.
  • Any interactions with other conditions should be clear and avoidable by utilizing a professional’s experience and knowledge.
  • Over-the-counter products may have negative interactions due to ingredients like denatured alcohol, which can dry the skin. This can lead to cracking, which in turn can lead to an increased risk of inflammation and infection.
  • Better Results
  • The most persuasive reason to use medical-grade skin care products revolves around the results that they can bring. This stems from the ingredients used in medical-grade products, which tend to be substantially more effective than their weaker counterparts in consumer-grade products.
  • Make the Most Out of Your Skin Care.
  • Don’t risk using products that are less effective and more about perceived results. Seek to use medical-grade skin care products to get the best care for your skin.

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