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How long were you a rep for Botox, etc.? I was a Botox rep for almost eight years here in Kansas City then became a CoolSculpting Rep for a year and half until June of this year.

Have you always had a passion for Aesthetics? I always wanted to do something that would help people feel their best; I just wasn’t sure what that meant for my life. Then, I became a Botox rep, and it all came together. Seeing how people felt after getting a treatment was amazing! I loved watching patients transform and seeing their self-confidence rise.

What made you want to open a spa? I feel big corporations don’t appreciate you as a person and what you bring to the table. You are only ‘a number’ to most big companies. I got to a point where staying where I was felt scarier than going out on my own. The pull was too great to ignore. I love Aesthetics and most importantly love helping people and changing their lives and how they feel about themselves. I really wanted to focus on that.

What are some services that you will offer that you would like to highlight? All of the injectables are amazing, but we have something for everyone. Dermaplaning, Hydrafacial and medical grade skincare are a few things that everyone in their 20’s and up can do that will make a drastic difference in their skin.

Are you from Kansas City? I am not from Kansas City. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK, but I went to the University of Kansas and played tennis there for one year and have basically lived here ever since I graduated in 1993. Kansas City is home for me now!

Where’s your favorite place to eat? There are so many amazing places to eat in Kansas City! But I love any Mexican restaurant.

Do you have a hobby or what do you do in your spare time? My hobby now is getting this amazing medical spa off the ground and my three incredible kids; Jackson (16), Dawson (14) and Emery (9)!

Nikky Rice

Job Title: Lead Aesthetician

Education: Independence College of Cosmetology

Why did you choose Medical Aesthetics as a career? At a very young age, my mom taught me how to take care of my skin. She always told my sister and me how important it is and she purchased us the best products. It just stuck with me. When I was finally of age to work, I always had a job in the beauty industry. I decided to go to aesthetics school in 2000, and I’ve been doing this ever since. I love helping people feel great about themselves. I love how this industry is always changing. I enjoy learning about new treatments and products that can help improve the little imperfections that bother us (let’s be honest…we all have them). When you love what you do, it’s not work, and I LOVE my “job”!

From: Kansas City, Missouri

Favorite Hobbies: Working out, going on nature walks with my kids, playing tennis with my daughter and reading

The favorite treatment you love: HydraFacial

The favorite treatment you like to do for clients and why? Dermaplane with Hyrdafacial. My patients are always so happy with their glowing skin. It’s an instant gratification treatment with never-ending results because your skin continues to glow day after day. People love that!

Favorite Products: SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum and Intellishade from Revision Skincare

Why do you love working at the Real Spa? Suzanne is the best boss, and she is amazing! Everyone here gets along great. It’s like we all have known one another forever. We help each other, and that’s what makes a great team. It also helps that our  spa is gorgeous! I am so thankful that I get to be a part of something that is only going to grow and grow and have massive success.

Sean Ryan

Job Title: Nurse Practioner and Injector

Education: Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Missouri State University and Masters of Science in Nursing from Cox College

From: Philadelphia, PA. Moved to Kansas City in 2012.

Favorite Hobbies: I love walking around downtown. I live in the downtown area and find myself walking for miles just admiring how Kansas City is growing. It’s also a great time to catch up with friends and family.

Why did you choose Medical Aesthetics as a career? I started having an interest in aesthetics when I was a registered nurse. At that time, there was not much open to explore this interest as an occupation, but I found myself trying to care for my skin/appearance as a consumer. After graduating with my Master’s Degree and practicing as a Nurse Practitioner in Family Care for a couple of years, an opportunity came knocking. I joined a Plastic Surgery group where I practiced aesthetic medicine and found it very rewarding, and I haven’t stopped since.

The favorite treatment you love: Botox

Favorite product: SkinMedica’s TNS

Why do you love working at The Real Spa? Everyone loves what they do and are like family which is essential as we typically see our coworkers more than our own families. The atmosphere makes going to “work” easy and creates an environment for patients that they can feel comfortable and at home to discuss concerns more freely.

Emilee Wright

Job Title: RN/Injector

Education: Penn Valley Community College

From: Kansas City, Missouri

Why did you choose Medical Aesthetics as a career? It fell into my lap. I was unhappy at my previous job, and I wanted to find something where people were excited and happy to be there. Medical Aesthetics is amazing with all the services that are available and how happy people are with the results.

Favorite Hobbies: Gym, kickboxing, and shooting guns

The favorite treatment you love: Botox and HydraFacial

Favorite Products: TNS and Retinol

The favorite treatment you like to do for clients and why? Botox! It’s what I’ve done the most, practically painless!

Why do you love working at the Real Spa? First and foremost the owner, Suzanne. She’s an amazing woman. Strong, smart, giving, and beautiful inside and out.

Jacque Jenkins

Job Title: Aesthetician

Education: The Academy of Aesthetic Arts, Shawnee, KS

Why did you choose Medical Aesthetics as a career? For the past six years I’ve had my own skin care studio. Previously, I worked for a dermatology office. With the ever-changing field of aesthetics, I knew I wanted to move my career towards medical to expand my experience as an aesthetician and to offer more options to my clients. I am so excited to be a new member of The Real Spa squad.

From: Kansas City, MO

Favorite Hobbies:  9Round, working out, riding motorcycles and mountain bikes with my husband, being outdoors (especially in the summer), watching professional and college football and any time I get to spend with family and friends.

Why did you choose Medical Aesthetics as a career? I credit a lot of my love for skin care to my Auntie, who was more like my mom. She was a licensed cosmetologist and worked for several skin care companies including Elizabeth Arden and Erno Laszlo. Even at 80, she never went to bed without washing her face and slathering on a plethora of products for anti-aging. I wanted to work in a med spa and offer a full range of products and treatments that can really make a significant difference in my client’s skin which ultimately leads to the goal – client satisfaction.

The favorite treatment you love:  Botox and HydraFacial

The favorite treatment you like to do for clients and why? Brow waxing. Several years ago I was introduced to an aesthetician that only does eyebrow waxing. I was blown away at how she did my brows – BrowObsession! She inspired me to take the same service to my clients. I love that a small treatment makes a huge difference in how clients feel about themselves.

Favorite Products: I just started using SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum®, Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum, HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator.

Why do you love working at The Real Spa?  I’ve known Suzanne for several years; initially she was my rep and then she became a brow waxing client. I never thought when we met that someday I’d be working for her! This opportunity literally fell in my lap, and I’m beyond grateful to be working with a team of professionals that have a common goal. “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Anna Pisciotta

Job Title: Nurse Injector and Cosmetologist

Education: Graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Rockhurst University, Research College of Nursing and graduated from Adam and Eve College of Cosmetology

From: Kansas City, MO

Favorite Hobbies: I love to laugh. I enjoy spending time with good friends and family. I like to cook and of course, love to eat!

Why did you choose Medical Aesthetics as a career? I’ve been around aesthetics since I graduated hair school and was always working in a salon. I love helping people to feel more confident, and I was able to do this for years as a hairstylist. So, a few years after being a nurse in trauma surgery in the Operating Room, I started to miss the fun and positive energy of a salon. It dawned on me that there was a way that I could utilize my nursing degree and still be a part of the beauty industry. Medical Aesthetics was the answer. I love to see the look on my client’s faces when they see the results that make them feel amazing.  So for me, this was a win-win.

The favorite treatment you love: My favorite would probably have to be the Hydrafacial, by Nikky. She does an incredible job!

Favorite product: HA5!

The favorite treatment you like to do for clients and why? It depends on the client. Every client has a different desired look that they are trying to obtain. So my favorite treatment is the treatment that puts the biggest smile on their face when they are getting out of my chair and makes my client feel the best.

Why do you love working at The Real Spa? I love the closeness that we all share. I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing spa with unbelievable coworkers. I grew up surrounded by family and to be here at The Real Med Spa feels like home!

Kinsey Redmond

Job Title: Social Media Manager & Events Coordinator

Education: BFA Theatre Performance from UCM

From: Kansas City, MO

Why did you choose The Real Spa as a career? I met Suzanne, and I loved her and her vision she had for her business. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of, so I joined her team! While I have been wearing many hats for the spa since the beginning, I wouldn’t trade it for a different job. I have been managing the front desk while handling my duties for social media and coordinating events. I love social media because it is such a powerful tool and a vital part of a thriving business. Managing our social media and events has been the perfect fit for me while also being a working actress in Kansas City. I’m excited to see how The Real Spa will grow and expand over the next couple years!

Favorite Hobbies: Spending time with my family & friends, working out, reading, eating delicious food

The favorite treatment you love: Dermaplane with a Hydrafacial

Favorite product: Intellishade from Revision Skincare and Skin Nectar from Alastin Skincare

Why do you love working at The Real Spa? It’s a great environment, and Suzanne is a wonderful boss to have. She is for everyone that works here as they chase their dreams, and she is a family woman and understands everyone that works here has families. That’s something you don’t find in most places you work. Everyone that works here is passionate and supports each other and the overall mission of The Real Spa.

Nevada Mendoza

Job Title: Receptionist

Education: Paul Mitchell The School Chicago

From: Kansas City, MO

Why did you choose Medical Aesthetics as a career? With me working at the front desk, I
get the chance to learn everything medical aesthetics has to offer! It keeps it exciting because
there is always something new to learn about. It is so important to take care of your skin even at
a young age.

Favorite Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with my family and being with friends!

The favorite treatment you love: It’s honestly difficult to choose only one!

Favorite product: HA5

Why do you love working at The Real Spa? Suzanne is the best boss, and she is amazing!  Everyone here gets along great. It’s like we all have known one another forever. We help each other, and that’s what makes a great team. It also helps that our spa is gorgeous! I am so thankful that I get to be a part of something that is only going to grow and grow! We’re a family here.

Stacey Boyer

Job Title: Licensed Esthetician & PMU Artist 

Education: Esthetics License from JCCC, Softap Certified

From: Olathe, KS 

Why did you choose The Real Spa as a career: I struggled with bad acne when I was in my 20’s. It made me feel down about myself, and after seeing several doctors with no improvement, my sister took me to see an Esthetician. That visit and Esthetician made me feel so much better emotionally and helped in ways I wasn’t even expecting. I went and enrolled in esthetic school and never looked back. I truly have found my calling!

How long have you been in the industry: I have been an Esthetician for 15 years, 12 of those have been in Medical Esthetics. I have also been a PMU Artist for two years now.

Favorite Product: Skin Medica 

Why do you love what you do and working at The Real Spa: I absolutely love Esthetics and PMU because it feels amazing to help people feel their best.  Nothing beats that feeling when you get to see the smiles on your clients’ faces after enhancing their eyebrows or helping with their overall complexion issues.  The Real Spa offers so many services to their clients and has some of the best people in their respective fields; I’m just happy to be a part of such a great team!