A Word from Owner Suzanne Williams

My name is Suzanne Williams, and over the past 11 years, I have had the opportunity to learn every aspect of the aesthetic industry’s product lines and services available for any aesthetic area including plastic surgery, dermatology and Medical Spas. I specialized in Business Development Management and Practice Development Management representing Allergan, Inc., the makers of top-selling aesthetic products including BOTOX Cosmetic, Juvederm family of filler, Latisse and SkinMedica.

After exceeding every benchmark set by Allergan, Inc., I decided to expand my knowledge base in the industry by accepting a similar position working for Zeltiq (now Allergan Inc.), who currently sells CoolSculpting which is the #1 revenue generating non-invasive fat reduction procedure in the same market allowing me to exhaust every possible treatment and procedure for medical aesthetics offered today. Every service and product mentioned above are the top contributing profit streams for aesthetics.

The responsibilities assigned to me by Allergan, Inc. and Zeltiq included teaching these practices to physicians and staff – highlighting the benefits to assist in building their businesses successfully. Personal website analysis and secret shopping each of these accounts provided me the opportunity to see if staff retained product knowledge and what level of customer service was delivered to the client.  I also had the privilege of training every staff member on procedures, front desk and the overall appearance of the practice from the client’s point of view. When asked, I advised clients on marketing, pricing, the flow of the practice, time with patients, return on investments and managing reviews.

My vast expertise has provided me the edge needed to build and maintain a profitable, successful business practice that will continue to evolve as trends expand and change. The pros & cons of the top products and procedures on the market today helped me to understand the ins and outs of this industry and this market.

After spending so many years growing a territory and training all my accounts on how to have a successful aesthetic practice, I realized the most rewarding part was the patient experience. These treatments give patients a piece of themselves back. That always moved me; that is what I loved the most. I also believe that the patient has a right to be educated in their decision-making process on why certain products and procedures benefit them and what is happening to them during the aging process. They deserve to be given the best education, treatment and follow-up. I believe in really walking hand in hand with them through their aesthetic journey.

Because of these beliefs, I wanted to create a place where they feel comfortable sharing their insecurities and feeling their most vulnerable. I wanted to create a place where people felt like they were going to a best friend’s house.  It is very important to me that a patient receives the best product that will correct the symptom they have. It’s not about the deal of the month or what commission the staff gets paid on certain products or procedures. It is all about the patient – their goals, their needs and what is best for them to achieve the best results. Helping each patient find their best REAL SELF.